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Canada_sm.gif (374 bytes) Littleriver Kennels  Canada_sm.gif (374 bytes)  McKenzie Tollers Canada_sm.gif (374 bytes)  Sparky's web site  Canada_sm.gif (374 bytes)  Kylador Kennels    Jenni Hicks

BellaCuru Kennels   Shadowhill Kennels  Beinnbhreagh Kennels

Ron Critchfield Mike Gustus.   Usa_sm.gif (421 bytes) Driftwood Kennel   Usa_sm.gif (421 bytes) Laura Smith Tollers Hunts Point Tollers 

Swampwater    Lennoxlove     Tollers at Prairiedock Farm KD's Kennel Laura Smith

Kennel Club.       

Australia_sm[1].gif (471 bytes) Kirchoff Kennel

Denmark_sm.gif (224 bytes) Kennel Toller's Delight

Kennel v.d Amandelgaard  Echtinger Grift Kennel   Nova's Power

Objibwa's (Elsbeth & Ueli Wittwer.  Leoniver's Tollers

Duck Dogs (Maria and Johan Stenebo)  Red-River

Copper & Brass Kennel

Markus Ruland

of clan buchanan

Nicole Pfaller


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