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Decoymans Piper Holly

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Some years ago we first came in contact with a Toller. We immediately fell in love with the race. Now we're the proud owners of 3 adult bitches and a young one of 9 months old. Our adults (Reggie, Holly and Rossa) are all champions and our youngster Vienna became BoB on her 2nd show.

But it's our Holly who became 1st bitch in the world International Champion. Robert started on the hunting programme when she was 6 months old. It was very hard. Especially in the beginning people used to say that she couldn't retrieve a pheasant, partridge, duck or anything and they wondered why he was training such a little street dog. Robert never lost his faith in Holly and he obstinately continued working with her. In October last year he entered her in a CACIT field trial in France (near Paris). It was the first time both for Holly and Robert. What we never expected happened. Holly became 4th best and with that result International Champion because she already had several CACIB'S.

We hereby wish to thank all the judges who made her show champion, all the people who encouraged us, John Norris for selling us this wonderful bitch and especially thank you Robert for training her, for never losing your faith in a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever and for proving to all the rest that a Toller is a real retriever.

Copper and Brass's Kennel.                                 Congratulations Robert & Holly

R & C Gillis-Franco                                                             John Norris

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