John Norris & Joyce Neesome proudly presents, on a musical theme
Decoymans Piper Breeze's Puppies
Decoymans Piper Mandolin (Sweet Pea)

Sweat Pea was born to this world with seemingly no hope to live. She was born under half the size and weight of the rest of the litter.  Her mother would always throw her out of the whelping box and would not let her feed, mum just wanted her out. At this stage I must admit I would have left nature to take itís course.
Well Joyce was having none of it and together with her husband Trevor they kept her warm and fed her every half hour or so (in the first few days) until she was strong enough to go back with the rest of the litter.  But no matter how hard Joyce tried, mum always spotted her and still rejected her totally even to the last days when pups went to their new homes.  Sweat Pea only knew Joyce and Trevor as her parents. 
Well, as you can see she is a bit different to the others but she enjoys her little life to the full, she is happy and very playful.  Wishing you luck sweat pea. 
Well done Joyce & Trevor for your efforts in saving a life.           
John Norris

Decoymans Piper Banjo Boy                                                                       Decoymans Piper Pan Piper

Decoymans Piper Ukulele                                                                              Decoymans Piper Piccalo 

Decoymans Piper Drummer Boy                                                       Decoymans Piper Flute

Decoymans Piper Trumpet Boy
Hello I'm Mum  (Decoymans Piper Breeze)                                                  Hi I'm Dad  (Decoymans Piper Ash)

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