Toller Test ( Open )

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1st place Flottajarn's Rocky Eliza, LP.   ( Owner Kjell Rohr )

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The Open Test started in the late afternoon.  Dogs participated in the Beginners Test in the morning and in the Novice Test early in the afternoon.  I will write more on the whole test with pictures soon.

The Open Test started with 9 tolling retrieves from the left of the hide/blind, starting with 5 tolls, then waiting 10 seconds, then 3 tolls, again waiting 10 seconds, followed by the last toll.  This was to be executed with flashy style to gain top marks.

After the playful tolling, the dogs had to stay to heel while 4 shots rang out from the two gunners standing beside you.  With this, 2 ducks were thrown out into the lake for marked retrieves, but the dogs were not allowed these ducks until they retrieved a blind from the opposite side of the lake, some 80 meters away.   (Although there was to be no penalizing in the score for handling, the dog had to get this bird in under 5 minutes and deliver to hand without dropping at any stage).                                                                                                             

At the Blind.jpg (38410 bytes)Next, the Toller had to retrieve to hand the 2 marked birds.

The 5th part of the test consisted of a further 9 tolls in the same fashion as described at the beginning, only this time from the right hand side.   (This executed in the same fast flashy style earned top marks).

Off we go again with 4 shots from 12g shotgun with 1 mark on the lake 80 meters but again, not to be retrieved until a blind retrieve on land was delivered with a time allowance to be observed.  This done and time to get the duck on the lake.  Now some heel work to the next part of the test.  This was to search a small area and retrieve a duck then to move on and search for a single retrieve, followed by having to send your dog with no direction after the initial send out to search a large area and return with 3 birds in quick succession from each other as this also had a time limit.   

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      2nd Place Swinging  Tails Lansen      3rd Place Kanadickens Dear Sir,      4th Place Decoymans Piper Pippi

Novice Test

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      Rodravens Webley ( Lars Finne ) 1st Place

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