Search and Rescue

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Decoymans Piper Oak with owner and Trainer Cindy Luntley

Wilf was born in August 1994.  He registered as a trainee search dog with SARDA (Search and Rescue Dog Association) England in November 1995 - basic obedience, heel work on/off lead, 10 minutes lie down (5 minutes in sight, 5 minutes out of sight), lie down on recall and bark to command.  Also basic 'find sequence' - see somebody, run away and go out of sight, run out to them, return to handler, bark and go back to 'the body'.

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     Wilf runs back to his handler barking, letting him know that he has found someone and takes him to the find.

We then started to extend this to start to air scent i.e. dog see body go but picks up on wind to get there faster.  We built on this and introduced directional commands until Wilf would search for up to 45 minutes before either a short rest or finding someone.  He was just about ready for assessment in February '97 but unfortunately dislocated his toe 3 days before hand so our next opportunity was December '97.  We did a 4 day assessment in the Lake District, searching for about 5 hours each day, usually with 3 or 4 finds in that time - everything being carefully watched from a vantage point by the assessors.  Anyway we came through well, probably better than we would have done in February, so at 3yrs 4months Wilf became a novice search dog.  He has another assessment at the end of this year to become a full search dog.

                   Cindy Luntley

All packed up and ready for a days work.

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This page is dedicated solely for information regarding Tollers in search and rescue and will be updated before August 1998 with more pictures and progress report on Wilf and another Toller Decoymans Piper Pursuit who is in training at the moment.

If you have any pictures and information about Tollers and search & Rescue please Email at:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

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