The Tale of the Toller,

Get on.jpg (30739 bytes) Hannah belongs to my friend Ailsa Galbreath.  She was bred by John Norris of the Nacton Decoy in Suffolk and her full Pedigree name is: Decoymans Piper Jasmine. She came to Scotland as a small pup.

Ailsa has trained collies for working trials and obedience and has trained two labradors to field trial standard.

She is a competent and sympathetic trainer. She found Hannah different to train from the labs. Hannah is very quick, alert and attentive!

Her Training from the start had to be thorough Fence Jump.jpg (22889 bytes)                                   Get on

each step learnt thoroughly and worked upon. If she didn't fully understand what was required of her she tended to get flustered!  But if the lesson was well taught she worked excellently.

Ailsa and Hannah work well as a team.  They go picking up pheasants in the winter  and rough shooting .

In the Summer they compete in the Gun-Dog Tests with some success!To Hand.jpg (39231 bytes)

                         Get Over

Last Summer ( 1997 ) Hannah won a Novice Test against 24 Labradors, so this year she was into Open class Tests where she won a Trophy for the Best Marker!

She is a great wee worker and willing to have a go at fences even though she's the smallest in the field.  

Hannah is also an excellent companion.  Ailsa & Hannah With Shield.jpg (32328 bytes)


              Good Girl     Over the Ditch.jpg (34305 bytes)

           We beat 24 Labs Hannah                                                     Over The Ditch

 Fence jump 2.jpg (36523 bytes)  Water Retrieve.jpg (25588 bytes)

Out of the Reeds.jpg (41934 bytes) Trianing With Rabbit Dummy.jpg (46152 bytes) Mark.jpg (28757 bytes)

Keep up the Good work Ailsa Galbreath and Hannah.

I would like to thank Agnes W Leith for her kind permission to use this work.  All photo's and text by Agnes W Leith.


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Copyright 1998 Agnes W Leith & John Norris. All Rights Reserved

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